Snowy River ecoTimbers produce fine crafted flooring, decking and cladding becoming the ultimate expression of your personal lifestyle. We produce unique timber products steeped in Australian heritage and history that will bring warmth and originality to your home.

From a collection of Victorian eucalypt species, including, Messmate, Silvertop, and Cuttail, comes Australian Chestnut and Australian Wormy Chestnut.

Homestead Inspirations

The sophistication of a Colonial Homestead is captured in our Australian Chestnut products. Australian Chestnut is a mellow straw/brown timber, similar in colour to traditional Oak, Australian Chestnut exhibits amazing strength, beauty, hardness, durability and reliability, important features in the wear and tear of modern lifestyles.

Australian Chestnut is recognised as one of the most beautiful and durable flooring products in Australia. 

Shearing Shed Originals

Reclaim your Australian heritage with this unique, superior quality hardwood from forests that have been subjected to the most extremes of climatic.  Droughts, ravaging forest fires, floods and wild storms have secured a natural history, captured forever, in the unique features of the timber.

Our Australian Wormy Chestnut features evidence of past fires exhibited by gum veins swirling through the timber grain.

The rich brown colour of Australian Wormy Chestnut is characterised by small holes and black markings created by the ambrosia beetle during the tree’s growth, pin hole borers leaving scattered marks resembling gun-shot patterns and squiggly worms leaving easily recognised ‘S’ tracks in the grain.

These natural markings produce a product that has a warm antique appearance.

Our Silvertop is an amazingly versatile timber

It is strong, dense and durable with a special resistance to fire. Silvertop has been used for external applications in Australia since white settlement and prior to this Aboriginal People have long recognised the value of its course, thick bark for construction of shelters.

Today Silvertop comes to you as beautiful decking and cladding that provide unique, practical and environmentally sound design features for any home. It comes as pre oiled or natural finish that can be allowed to age to a silver / grey appearance.

Snowy River ecoTimbersSnowy River ecoTimbersSnowy River ecoTimbers
Snowy River ecoTimbers

Snowy River ecoTimbers values environmental and social responsibilities.

We are committed to using only sustainable wood products that are harvested in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable manner.

Snowy River ecoTimbers are supplied with timbers sourced from sustainably managed forests. These forests are harvested and supplied, in Victoria, by the State Government owned enterprise VicForests.

Timber is sourced from these forests under strict “Codes of Forest Practice” to ensure future generations will enjoy the same forest values. “Our Future is your Future”.

Our website is hosted on a 130% wind-powered server, not just neutralising environmental impact but making an effort to reverse it.



Snowy River ecoTimbers support the local community

Snowy River ecoTimbers proudly supports Vinnies Local Care. This program sponsors the Tertiary Education of local students that may be disadvantaged. The program provides financial, logistical and moral support to students enabling them to achieve academic dreams previously unavailable. Many return home to work as qualified professionals.

We acknowledge the use of images kindly provided by Forestcorp P/L.

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